How do People make Money from Instagram!

We see people earning thousands, millions and even billions from Instagram but how do they earn even a penny from a media sharing app. Some say Instagram pay them to upload a photo or video but do you really think any app is going to pay people real money to upload a photo. I don’t think so but then what’s the reality.

To find we have to dig a little deeper and understand what goes behind those photos because everyone and everything has some secrets.

So, these people are paid by other people to share a photo or video and not by Instagram. Yes, other people pay them to pay upload a picture or any video and by other people, I want to say brands and companies. These brands pay people to feature their products because it’s the easiest way to reach the audience through people who are already connected to the audience and this also saves them a lot of money. This whole scenario is called “Influencers Marketing”. These people who upload money are influencers as they hold the power to influence people as they are loved by them because of many reasons.

Influencers marketing is one of the biggest thing going on right now in social market sorry social media as it’s easy because you don’t have to spend a lot on filming and other stuff to create an advertisement where you can give a beautiful lady your beauty product and she can just put a picture and where you can click a macho man with a motorbike and everyone will be amazed.

People get paid a lot and it depends on your followers count your popularity in the market and other criteria are how beautiful or handsome that person is. The thing is just simply just put a photo or video and thousands will be in your account.

Another way of earning some money is if you know how social media marketing works and working as a freelancer on these social media websites. People will hire you to help them achieve more likes and views on their posts and even followers. This job doesn’t pay you a lot but you can cash out your talent where you will be paid a decent amount of money just for some tricks.

Even business use it in another way to mint out some more cash by putting up paid advertisements. Instagram offers advertisements where you can put an advertisement and drive your sales efficiently or website traffic to generate some income.

But one of the best methods is influencing marketing because you’ll be getting paid for your posts if you have a good number of followers (Read: How to increase your followers). Then there is going to be a lot of money in your account and that too for just uploading a few photos or videos and yes few stories too.

So, just throw out from your mind that Instagram pays anyone to share anything and just remember it’s a whole lot different story. So, if anyone tells you that Instagram hacker is paying these Instagram personalities just send them a link of this article.